Due to a very long experience in natural sausage casings industry and cooperation with our clients, we are able to producing top fine quality products as per demand. We are best selectors our self as in 1970, Mr. Ramzan, the chief Executive of the company learnt the art of selection from Italy and Germany and managed the training of company’s workmen by himself.

We are well aware of international quality standards and travel frequently to our customers for knowing of their latest requirements. There is no doubt that we are quality producers. Due to the distinguishing features of the company, there has been incredible increase in exports. Every year the company has been selected for the FPCCI Best Export Performance Trophy Awards in the recognition of the highest export of sheep casings from Pakistan.

We are specialist in producing of all kind of caliber natural sheep & goat casing products – ABC salted + tubed. In order to deliver our fine quality products on time with hygiene conditions, we specially design packing drums and company seal.

We control our quality at all steps from cleaning to selection and till final packing, because we can’t compromise on quality.


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