COCO Traders is specialized in the processing of animal casings and thus provides the following services:

  • Desliming – a specialized team of workers are cleaning sheep casings by hand using the traditional method. This is done in our own cleaning plants near slaughter houses, under the direct control of COCO’s team, under one roof.
  • Selection – From the washing and opening of the original sheep casings to their grading of quality and calibrating.
  • Measurement – The final product is measured manually into hanks of various lengths and strands according to the requirements of the customers.
  • Salting – Using food graded dried salted, wet salted and brined hanks are produced according to market requirements.
  • Tubing – Imported tubing machines and imported soft and hard tubes are used to fulfill this need of many end-users.
  • Sewing – Casings can also be dried and sewed, as the necessary equipment and expertise is available.
  • Storage – With two large refrigerated warehouses and a freezer the casings can be stored, well kept and managed for the storage of casings in hygienic conditions.
  • Packaging – Packaging is done as per client’s requirement in different plastic sizes and ready to deliver.
  • Transportation – Most modern transportation system for delivery to our customers.

Production Process

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